Meaning of ATS compliant resume and How to create ATS Resume for Free

Meaning of ATS compliant resume and How to create ATS Resume for Free

10 November, 2021

ATS is a computer program that helps employers and recruiters manage the hiring process. It can process thousands of resumes and decide which ones are the best match for a job, without a person having to read them one by one.

All of the Job-seeker In their job search, may or may not heard about the term "ATS" Resume writing. Everyone wants to create a Professional resume or Best Resume and stand out. For that, some use Resume Builder or Ready-made Resume Templates, but let me tell you something - If you are applying for a job in big companies, where there are a lot of application for a single job post, then there are almost 99% chances that companies will be using the resume ranking software which will automatically match the best resume and rank them so that recruiters don't have to manually read all resumes.

In simple language, for example - If the resume you have written is not well structured or in a good format, then the softwares that companies use for ranking resumes will not be able to read your resume correctly, and hence even if your resume is really good and you are really skilled, you will not be able to pass it and will be rejected.

Don't worry, this happens only in big companies where there are a lot of applications for a single job.

So then How to make sure your resume is ATS Compatible. I had a lot of rejections just because my resume was not well structured and formatted while applying to big companies directly. So Below I am listing some points which I have learned while creating a resume.

1) Always make your Resume in PDF or Doc/Docx format. These two are almost 100% parseable by any resume ranking software.

2) So How to Write this ats resumes. There are many online resumes building Free websites where you can create or get ATS-compatible resume templates for free or paid. Some of the free websites are:

  • Google Docs: There are many good ATS resume templates, sample resumes, and also a Resume Format. Just choose any you like and start editing it. Remember to download them in PDF or Docs format.
  • This Site provides resume templates, sample resumes, and Resume formats of some of the best resume examples ever. You can choose any template and start editing. You should know that it uses Latex Language to edit the Resume. It is one of the Best free sites to create ATS resumes and I have used it.

3) Once you have created your resume if you want to test whether it is ATS Compatible or not. There are many websites that can check whether it is ATS Compatible or no for free. The one which I have used and it also gives free resume scans is -

So, this is a small guide on what is ATS Compatible Resume, Why you need it, and How to create one. Hope it helped you and if you liked it, don't forget to subscribe for more such informative topics.

If you want to know anything related to this or have any doubts, comment below and I will try my best to give you the Answer.

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