One of the Best Storyline of a Game | Raji: An Ancient Epic Game

One of the Best Storyline of a Game | Raji: An Ancient Epic Game

9 February, 2021

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an Indian action-adventure video diversion created by Gesturing Heads Diversions based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It was, to begin with, discharged as a coordinated elite for Nintendo Switch on 18 Eminent 2020 and discharged on 15 October 2020 for Microsoft Windows by means of the Steam client and the Epic Diversions Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

One of the Best Storyline of a Game | Raji: An Ancient Epic Game


Raji is an orphaned but brave circus performer. Her only family is her younger brother, Golu, a storyteller. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, when she and Golu are performing at the carnival where they work, they are attacked by an army of Gadasura demons, who start wreaking havoc on the land.

The demons knock Raji out and take Golu with them. As she wakes up and finds her brother missing, Raji goes on a journey to get him back. Meanwhile, watching her are the Hindu deities, Goddess Durga and Lord Vishu. Goddess Durga supports her young devotee while Lord Vishnu has some doubts about her.

Raji races through the Ruins, and upon reaching a temple of Goddess Durga, gets a divine Trishul (trident) from her, which she uses to battle and kill the demons while unlocking mythical stories and secrets of her own pasts.

The mastermind behind Golu's abduction and the demon invasion is revealed to be the demon lord Mahabalasura. He was once one of the Mystics, knowledgeable people who had great spiritual power. He was made an outcast by his people because of his dark heart. So, to gain power, he did penance to please Lord Brahma, who granted him the boon of immortality and a powerful Trishul.

Using these gifts, he reunited his new people, the demons, and started spreading chaos and destruction on Earth. When Bhoomi Devi (Mother Earth) urged him to stop this, he killed her with the very weapon Brahma gave him. This angered Lord Shiva, who imprisoned him. After years of captivity, Mahabalasura was free and began plotting his revenge on the gods and humanity.

Raji follows the demons who took Golu and many other children to the Fortress of Jalandhar. She has also gifted a divine bow by Lord Vishnu, who starts finding her capable.

Upon reaching the fort, the demon Chieftain sends Golu to Mahabalasura via a magic portal before Raji can save him. Raji kills the Chieftain and saves the other children. Golu reaches Mahabalsura's realm where the demon lord puts him under his control.

Raji, who is mortally wounded after the fortress falls, is put on a boat by the Mystics and sent to Hiranyanagri, a heavenly and technologically advanced city of Lord Vishnu, which has been taken over by demons under Rangda, a powerful demon queen, who has put the city's guards under her spell and poisoned its waters.

Raji races through the city, killing Rangda's minions and repairing the damage they did. She is also gifted a divine sword and shield by the two deities watching her while being haunted by horrifying visions of Golu. Raji finally vanquishes Rangda and then is taken on Mayura, a giant beautiful white peacock by a Mystic, to his land to stop Mahabalasura.

As she reaches the Land of the Mystics, Raji finds many of them turned to stone by Mahabalasura. After fighting through the demon hordes and calming the Naga, the giant serpent demigod and guardian of the land, she finally confronts Mahabalasura, who forces the Mystic chief to give him an ancient scroll, which is an important part of his plan. Both foes attack each other and are wounded. Raji, near death, is revived by the Mystics and reunites with her brother as Mahabalasura escapes.

Now, even with Golu safe, Raji must still continue her journey since she serves a much greater purpose. It is revealed that Mahabalasura wants to destroy the gods as revenge for his captivity. His plan is to open the gates of heaven, allowing him to invade the realm of the Gods and destroy them. The scroll he took from the Mystic chief contained the incantation to open the gates. Raji has been chosen as the warrior who will destroy the demon lord and restore the cosmic balance.

Raji reaches the Thar Desert, where Mahabalasura has gone to set his plans in motion. There, she receives her last weapon from the Gods: The Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Vishnu's most powerful weapon. After dispatching the last horde of Mahablasura's minions, she finally confronts and battles him, using the Chakra. Almost defeated, the demon lord tricks Raji by distracting her with several copies of himself.

While Raji fights the clones, the demon lord starts saying the chant to open the gate. He is then joined by Golu who, still under his control, recites the chant as well, thus opening the gate, which is why he was abducted as the chant required a person of pure heart to work.

Now, his plans successful, Mahabalasura proceeds to assault the Gods' realm, leaving the now useless Golu to be once again reunited with Raji, as the fate of both the Gods and humanity is left ambiguous.

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