Great content is key to SEO, Ranking and Traffic, nothing else

21 March, 2022
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When we think about content marketing, we always focus on traffic generation. There's so much more than that to content marketing we sometimes overlook.

Here are five other ways you can benefit as a startup. One of the most frustrating aspects of content marketing is the insistence on pushing backlinks and churning out SEO content to drive your page rank.

When you produce your content, let's not sit idly by for organic traffic and be proactive – post it on social media, encourage conversation, and drive shares.

Great content engages people way better If you write impactful content that your readers feel has added value to their lives, they will share it on their social media channels and become advocates for the brand. This will boost your credibility while driving traffic to the website.

Good content marketing is more effective than producing a lot of high SEO content without focusing on adding value. A great example of this is Dia Guild, which uses its personal and brand Instagram accounts to capture new customers.

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