7 Fruits to eat in Winter and Their Health Benefits

6 Jan, 2021
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It may not be that colorful in the winter season itself, but it is known to have a variety of colorful fruits that are good for your wellbeing. In addition, it is often better to have seasonal fruits as they have the exact nutrients your body needs for the current environment. There are many health issues caused by colder temperatures, such as common colds, viral infections, and dry skin.

During winters, including seasonal fruits in your diet helps boost immunity and encourages general health to overcome the problems that come with the season. In addition, during the season, the abundant supply makes them affordable. Below are seven fruits available that you can load up on in the winter season:

1. Apples
Indian-origin apples from the mountainous northern areas are one of the most available fruits during the winter season. Apples are rich in fiber and many vitamins and minerals. They contain pectin, which promotes gut health. The antioxidants present in apples reduce the risk of heart attack and diabetes. The vitamin C present in them helps boost immunity.

2. Oranges
The slightly sour and sweet fruit contains vitamin C, fibre, potassium, folate and thiamine among others. The Vitamin C content helps boost the immune system to help you fight off infections and promotes skin health. Consuming oranges is said to reduce the risk of cancer and kidney disease. The folate present in oranges helps prevent anaemia.

3. Kiwi
Kiwi, a fruit most commonly available during the cold months, is packed with a variety of nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, fiber and antioxidants. Kiwi promotes skin health and prevents early ageing of the skin. They also contain minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron.

4. Guava
Guavas are sweet with a hint of sourness. Their incredible nutritional profile includes vitamin A, folate, potassium, copper and fiber. Having guavas during the winter season can help prevent cell damage and inflammation. The pectin present in them promotes digestion and can prevent colon cancer.

5. Strawberries
The juicy red berries with a sweet and sour taste are densely packed with folate, manganese, potassium, vitamin C and antioxidants. The antioxidants present in them prevent some chronic disease such as diabetes. Strawberries are good for diabetic people as they help to control blood sugar levels. They’re also great for weight loss as they have high water content, making them a super low-calorie food.

6. Grapes
Whether you pick green, red or purple grapes, they’re all highly nutritious fruits that are equally delicious. Grapes are rich in fibre, making them good for your digestive system. The natural phytochemicals (anthocyanins and resveratrol) present in them help to reduce inflammation, thus preventing risks of several chronic inflammatory diseases.

7. Plum
This tart purple fruit is packed with different nutrients like vitamins A, C and K, copper, manganese, fiber and antioxidants. Plums promote appetite and improve digestion, blood circulation and heart health. The antioxidant content can also help keep anxiety at bay. The potassium present in plums helps reduce sodium levels in the body, which helps lower blood pressure.


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