List of Forbes Top 10 World's 100 highest-paid celebrities 2020

17 Dec, 2020
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Here is the List Top 10 from Celebrity 100, i.e is the world's 100 highest-paid celebrities 2020. It is an annual list compiled and published by Forbes magazine since 1999. 

No. Recipient Career
1 United States Kylie Jenner Personality
2 United States Kanye West Rapper
3 Switzerland Roger Federer Athlete (Tennis)
4 Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo Athlete (Association football)
5 Argentina Lionel Messi Athlete (Association football)
6 United States Tyler Perry Actor
7 Brazil Neymar Athlete (Association football)
8 United States Howard Stern Radio personality
9 United States LeBron James Athlete (Basketball)
10 United States Dwayne Johnson Actor
Public Figure celebrities
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