Why should you watch Naruto?

14 June, 2022
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Today I am gonna discuss a few main reasons why I think Watching Naruto is worthy and not just for entertainment purposes but also because it gives so many important life lessons.

Why should you watch Naruto?

  1. First of all, in the history of anime, this is one of the most well-connected plots with minimal plot holes. With its very large plot twists, the series is filled with suspense, which keeps you gripped at all times.
  2. In the anime world, this series features some of the most iconic fight scenes. You will never be bored if you're an action seeker.
  3. Naruto has the purpose of telling a story about never giving up, a message that recurs throughout the series and through which the series' side plots are highlighted. This is the primary reason people watch.
  4. Naruto basically just gives you an energy boost. Whenever I felt low in my life, I would watch the show or listen to the opening theme. This anime has a deep meaning in terms of its songs, plot, and also the conditions most people are living in.
  5. In some cases, it is impossible to find an easier way to eliminate all this pain and hatred, but rather than looking down the wrong path for answers, put your trust in the future generation and guide them to find the right answer for themselves. This is a message I was very inspired by from the series. 
  6. The one thing that I have learned from watching this series is to "NEVER GIVE UP ON MY FRIENDS". It is also the theme that runs through the whole show when Naruto has to save his One And Only Friend when everyone else has given up on him.
  7. The anime also illustrates how hatred is never the answer to all problems. In addition, the movie introduces the concept "WILL OF FIRE", which in a nutshell sums up all that is good and antithetical to hate.
  8. Additionally, it teaches us to appreciate the value of each individual and how everyone can contribute to each other's growth by maintaining a competitive relationship. It mentions that you can do something all by yourself, but you should not, since there will be others who will support your cause. It is impossible for everything sorted out perfectly for everyone, but we can all help.
  9. As well as highlighting the importance of one's job, the series highlights the value of working. There is a great deal of justification for Naruto's parents' sacrifices, as well as Sasuke's murder of his whole clan to prevent a civil war.
  10. In addition to emotional moments, this anime features a good amount of scenes that may make you cry or, better yet, make you respect life a lot more.
  11. Last but not least, the anime simply explains what is right and what is wrong and how they are related.
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