Principles and Advantages of micro-frontend architecture

5 May, 2022
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Micro-frontends have certain principles that allow for scaling an app. Micro-frontends are not suitable for every project, they offer a new way to build and scale front-end apps. The solution also eliminates the key challenges that companies have faced both on a technical as well as organizational level.  

Principles of micro-frontend architecture
  • Domain-driven development: The whole app can be broken down on the basis of different domains or business logic. It can be further broken down into sub-features.
  • End-to-end autonomy with a domain: A micro app can be built independently and using different stacks. The team will have complete freedom over this part, and they will hold the responsibility for it.
  • Innovation without affecting other parts: Sub apps can function independently.
  • Independent deployment: Each team can develop and deploy artifacts at their own speed.
  • Isolate failure: The rest of the app will work even if one microfeature goes down.
Advantages of micro-frontend architecture
  • Easier and faster feature development.
  • Loose coupling.
  • Clear contracts.
  • Easier to add, change, or remove any code.
  • Easier to test.
  • Independent deployments.
  • Cross-functional teams.
  • Parallel development.
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