Principles and Advantages of micro-frontend architecture

Principles and Advantages of micro-frontend architecture

5 May, 2022

Micro-frontends have certain principles that allow for scaling an app. Micro-frontends are not suitable for every project, they offer a new way to build and scale front-end apps. The solution also eliminates the key challenges that companies have faced both on a technical as well as organizational level.

Principles of micro-frontend architecture

Domain-driven development: The whole app can be broken down on the basis of different domains or business logic. It can be further broken down into sub-features.

End-to-end autonomywith a domain: A micro app can be built independently and using different stacks. The team will have complete freedom over this part, and they will hold the responsibility for it.

Innovation without affecting other parts: Sub apps can function independently.

Independent deployment: Each team can develop and deploy artifacts at their own speed.

Isolate failure: The rest of the app will work even if one microfeature goes down.

Advantages of micro-frontend architecture

  • Easier and faster feature development.
  • Loose coupling.
  • Clear contracts.
  • Easier to add, change, or remove any code.
  • Easier to test.
  • Independent deployments.
  • Cross-functional teams.
  • Parallel development.