What is Cybersickness? Is it Cybersickness Real?

4 May, 2022
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People have been forced to live most of their lives online due to the occurrence of the COVID-19 flu pandemic, including their work, entertainment, and personal interactions. Cybersickness has become more common as more people of all ages report experiencing symptoms due to too much screen time.

Cybersickness was a phenomenon before the pandemic but had mostly been studied in the context of upcoming virtual reality games. Motion sickness is caused by nausea and oculomotor disturbances, and cybersickness can cause these symptoms.

What is Cybersickness

A recent National Geographic story illustrates how cybersickness is the inverse of seasickness. Instead of moving your body while your perception tells you that you should be stationary, as in the feeling of being on a boat while looking at a fixed horizon. Your body is still in a virtual environment, but your senses are detecting motion, whether through video games, zoom meetings, or just constant scrolling.

Fortunately, some of the same tactics that work for other types of motion sickness can be used to alleviate the dizziness and discomfort caused by excessive screen usage. The Sea-Band bracelet, for example, is intended to ease the symptoms of motion and travel sickness organically by the use of acupressure.

The Sea-Bands, in particular, have studs sewed inside that apply gentle, consistent pressure to the P6 (Nei-Kuan) acupressure point. According to research, applying pressure to this spot alleviates nausea associated with motion sickness.

According to the company website, "since the bands do not employ medications, they do not cause any of the adverse effects associated with anti-nausea drugs and can be worn on either wrist whenever you feel nauseated." According to the business, Sea-Band wristbands can be used by anyone, adults or children, and usually have an effect on symptoms within five minutes of putting one on. Sea-Bands are latex-free, washable, and reusable, and can be used alongside other anti-nausea drugs.

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