One of the Costliest Water Bottle in the world

28 April, 2022
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Apple Inc. has announced the launch of a smart water bottle in India that would cost roughly $59 bucks. The US-based trillion-dollar corporation has released a new water bottle named HidrateSpark after declaring its cleaning cloth for a costly price.

The HidrateSpark water bottle, like the iPhone, is available in two versions: HidrateSpark Pro and HidrateSpark Pro STEEL.

  • The price of HidrateSpark Pro is around $59.95
  • The price of HidrateSpark Pro STEEL is around  $79.95, respectively.

Apple unleashes revolutionary new water bottle

The HidrateSpark water bottle is now available for $59.95 on Apple's website and in stores (nearly Rs 4,600). The smart water bottle is now only available in the United States. This water bottle is clever since it can track your daily fluid intake and integrate it with Apple Health.

Key Features:

  • A rechargeable battery and a charging cord are included with this water bottle.
  • Tritan plastic is used to make the water bottle, which is shatterproof and odor-resistant.
  • The vacuum-insulated stainless-steel container can keep your water cool for up to 24 hours.
  • Users can add water from sources other than the HidrateSpark PRO STEEL bottle for smooth integration.
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