Quick preparation of Database Concepts for Interviews

20 April, 2022
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The most critical Concepts to know about databases for Interviews. Learn database concepts and prepare for your database job interview with this interview preparation guide.
  • ACID — database (of database transaction):
    • ATOMICITY — all transactions' operations are all successful or failed, not an intermediate state.
    • CONSISTENCY — each transaction guarantees that data is in the updated state (strong consistency), (eventual consistency) will be updated after some time.
    • ISOLATION — execution of multiple transactions will be the same as they are executed sequentially.
    • DURABILITY — transactions are in the non-volatile state, they can not crash
  • Relational database — database organized in tables, rows, and columns, and their relation.
  • Nonrelational database — NOT tabular, specially organized for specific purposes.
  • SQL — structured query language;
  • SQL database — a relational database that supports SQL;
  • NoSQL — a database that does not support SQL
  • Database index — a data structure that improves the data retrieval, and slows the data writing (because create an index for columns);
  • Strong consistency — relates to ACID. (every transaction guarantee updated data) — PostgreSQL;
  • Eventual consistency — (transaction will eventually (later) know the updated data);
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