What the Heck is web3? Simple Explanation

What the Heck is web3? Simple Explanation

5 March, 2022

What is web3?

Greetings! You've come to the right place if you're new to web3. Our Intro to Web3 path will help you understand the Web3 Concepts Easily.

First, to learn Web3, we need to know what is Web1 and Web2.

Let's compare web1, web2, and web3.

Web1: In the early 2000s, Web1 was read-only. Users navigate to static web pages through directories such as Yahoo. Web1 utilized open-source protocols such as HTTP.

Web2: From the early 2000s to today, Web2 is read-and-write. We're all familiar with social media platforms where people create and consume content. The tech giants sit at the middle of the web2, extracting value from the users. Web2 consists of a client-server architecture in which users are clients and companies control servers.

Web3: Reading, writing, and owning are the hallmarks of Web3 (2020+). Through tokens, people produce, consume, and own the value of their work. In Web3, computers communicate with each other through peer-to-peer networks without a middleman.

In Short,

Web1: Read

Web2: Read, write

Web3: Read, write, own

What the Heck is web3? Simple Explanation