How much accessible is the web?

31 Jan, 2022
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How accessible is the Internet? Let's take a look. Using the Web Almanac's a11y chapter, we will extract some representative data. For those who are interested in taking a closer look, there are many more data points in there.

  • In 77.8% of websites, the background color and font color are not in harmony. According to this, most of the web may be unavailable to visually impaired users and users using filters such as those mentioned above.
  • About 29.4% of web sites block zooming. These settings are often ignored nowadays, but they still account for a large number of browsers.
  • Nearly 42% of websites display headings incorrectly. For example, using a h2 element after an h1 element. Users of assistive technology may encounter difficulty due to this lack of order.
  • 29% of sites use roles="button" in their design. The presence of that role and a click listener might seem enough to some, but buttons also need to respond to keyboard events and handle focus properly. You can achieve this using JS, but with the button element, you do not need any JS at all.
  • More than 32% of sites lack accessible labels for input elements. Thus, they do not have an associated label element, an aria-label attribute, or any other attributes. You could potentially lose revenue if this continues. Having no labelled inputs for credit cards might lead to users wanting to make a purchase but not knowing where the necessary information is to be entered.
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