7 Highest Salaried Programming Languages 2021

16 March, 2022
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The number of different programming languages used around the world currently stands at more than 200. In such a large number of languages, different industries have different demands for digital products.

When you choose the language(s) to begin your IT career, it's very easy to become lost in all this diversity. Making the wrong choice of programming language can be very costly. In other words, you probably need to find a language that provides you with both a stable job and high earnings (at least in the beginning). I'll tell you the seven top programming languages for high-paying jobs in this Mini Blogs.

So here are the 7 Money Attracting Programming Languages 2021:

7. Python - Around $85,395 per year.

6. Perl - Around $93,368 per year.

5. Ruby on Rails - Around $91,876 per year.

4. Kotlin - Around $98,763 per year.

3. Objective-C - Around $101,085 per year.

2. Go - Around $115,685 per year.

1. Scala - Around $115,446 per year.

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