7 don'ts for an elite software developer

7 don'ts for an elite software developer

16 March, 2022

To be a Great Software Engineer, follow these 7 Don'ts,

  • Don't carelessly follow someone else's approach
  • Don't forget to reuse code as much as possible.
  • Don't copy and paste code without knowing it
  • Don't over-engineer your code
  • Don't be hasty on code reviews
  • Don't write poorly formatted code
  • Don't write unhelpful comments

Software engineers should avoid making these mistakes if they want to become good software engineers. In the event that you correct these errors as soon as possible, you will not be affected in any way by them. During coding, you can make many different types of mistakes. You usually make these errors due to habits you develop while learning something new. Your career and your learning will exponentially increase if you fix these mistakes as soon as you notice them.

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