Top 5 Best IoT Sustainability Startups in Asia

Top 5 Best IoT Sustainability Startups in Asia

16 August, 2022

Technologies based on the Internet of Things are becoming an increasingly important component of our daily life. All adopted technologies to aid in the more efficient management and utilization of all available resources.

Given that the problem of climate change has been highlighted by an increasing number of people in recent years, it is now more vital than ever that projects aimed at cleaning up the environment through innovations, products, and alternative energy solutions emerge. As Asia's (and the world's) population grows and has historically trailed behind other regions, such companies in the region must gain traction. It is vital to note that Internet of Things-based startups is growing increasingly popular. They aid in the more efficient management of all available resources and the optimization of their utilization.


Developed by merging AI and IoT capabilities to aid in the reduction of energy expenditures in buildings by automatically managing HVAC units based on changing environmental conditions and real-time comfort assessments. As a result, less energy is consumed while maintaining an optimal level of comfort, resulting in a significant reduction in environmental impact.

TransferFi Pte Ltd

The company is constructing the world's first secure and efficient long-distance wireless power network (WPN). It will be utilized to power Industry 4.0 sensors, simplify wiring, and enable easy access to key energy sources such as remote renewable energy sources and power transmission for space technologies. The objective of TransferFi is to enable wifi access to anybody, anywhere, at any time.


This company is working on ecologically friendly storage batteries for all cars and energy storage. Their objective is to accelerate clean energy adoption by integrating technology and artificial intelligence to supply long-lasting batteries via the new Battery as a Service model.

The Third Power Wave

It is a Singapore-based startup that aims to "assist people all around the world in developing portable energy solutions." Their r5newable en5rgy can be used for fieldwork, 5mergencies, and outd>>rs. Their distinct advantage is that they combine solar power and IoT technologies to deliver self-sustaining power, as well as integrate solar panels, IoT, and sensor systems to further develop smart green cities.

RenGlobe Technology Solutions

The firm reduces waste by utilizing energy efficiencies and waste management technologies such as IoT and AI. It connects and maintains systems over the Internet to take devices to the next level of optimization, making it simple for clients to manage many devices.