Top 10 best Episodes in Friends of Christmas

28 Nov, 2021
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Today I am gonna start my mini blogging journey with ayedot, with a topic related to the "Friends" series. So, I have watched friends so many times, over and over again, and have since Christmas is near, I thought of creating a list of best episodes from Friends that are related to Christmas time.


10. “The One With The Routine” (Season 6)

9. “The One With Christmas In Tulsa” (Season 9)

8.“The One With The Inappropriate Sister” (Season 5)

7. “The One With Phoebe’s Dad” (Season 2)

6. “The One With All The Candy” (Season 7)

5. “The One With The Holiday Armadillo”  (Season 7)

4. “The One With The Monkey (Season 1)

3. “The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie” (Season 4)

2. “The One With The Ross’s Step Forward” (Season 8)

1. “The One Where Rachel Quits” (Season 3)


Also, Comment down any of your favorite ones, which are not on the list. see you soon.

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