7 Reasons why NextJS could really be a next big JavaScript framework

16 March, 2022
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Next.js is an open-source framework for web and app development that is built on top of Node.js to improve React-based web and app development faster.

7 Reasons why NextJS could really be a next big JavaScript framework

In this Miniblog, we'll see 7 Reasons which makes Next.js special and why you may really need it in your next project.

  • You can build a lot of different things with Next.js:- Static websites, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), SEO-friendly websites, and mobile apps.
  • Using Next JS helps you meet vital page ranking factors such as structure, speed, and UX, so SEO receives a boost. 
  • A built-in Automatic Image Optimisation feature that automatically optimizes images by using the image component.
  • Updating existing pages by re-rendering them in the background alongside the incoming traffic.
  • Data can be retrieved from anywhere. State, lifecycle hooks, or initial data population is supported by exporting a function component that uses Hooks or exporting a class component.
  • Automatic transpilation and bundling (with webpack and babel).
  • Provides dynamic routing. This allows using of pretty links in URLs.

There are many other awesome benefits of Next.js. What do you think of Next.js? Can NextJS really be the next big JavaScript framework?

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