New Acronym for FAANG after Facebook's rename to "Meta" is MANGA

29 Oct, 2021
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Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta. It's like Google changed to "Alphabet" few years ago. After Facebook Changes Name to Meta, What Happens to FAANG?

We all know, mostly if you are realted to tech industry, the acronym - "FAANG", which states some of the biggest TEch companies in the worl, where most of people want to work.

NO more FAANG, it MANGA now

FAANG stands for:

  • F - Facebook
  • A - Apple
  • A - Amazon
  • N - Netflix
  • G - Google

But now that Facebook is changed to "Meta", people are thinking for a new Acronym, most of the people are calling it MAANG or NAMGA or GAMNA, but one of the acronym has now become a really popular and that is "MANGA".

The reason why MANGA acronym for FAANG is trending is becuase MANGA are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan, and most of the Popular Anime Sereis Like Naruto, Dragon Ball and many more are based on MANGA comics.


What do you think? Is MANGA a perfect replacement for FAANG. Comment any other new acronym you have thought.

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