How to turn on chronological feed in Instagram?

27 March, 2022
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A guide to switching to Instagram's chronological feed

Instagram is a hot social network today. If you have an Instagram account and want to switch to a chronological feed, you can do it with a simple hack. This tutorial will show you how to turn on the chronological feed on Instagram. Read more here.

New Instagram test brings back the chronological feed

  • Follow these steps to bring back Instagram's chronological feed:
  • Make sure Instagram is up-to-date on your Android device and iPhone.
  • Tap the Instagram logo in the top-left corner of Instagram when it opens on your phone.
  • You'll see two drop-down menus: Following and Favorites. To view chronologically, tap the Following. At the top of your feed, you'll see the newest posts, and at the bottom, the oldest.
  • The feature is probably not available on your phone yet if nothing happens when you tap the Instagram logo. Look for a small down arrow icon next to Instagram's logo on the app's home screen if you have access to the chronological feed. This icon indicates that this feature is available.
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