Best Guide on Creating and Selling NFT for free

20 Oct, 2021
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Nowadays there is a big hype about NFTs. People are earning millions by creating selling NFTs. So, if you are also interested in selling your artwork in form of NFTs and earning money, here are a few easy simple steps on how to create an NFT and sell it online.

1) First of all you need to have a crypto wallet. If you don't have one, you can create a free account on Coinbaise and get a Coinbase Crypto Wallet on mobile by downloading the coinbase wallet app.

Coinbase Wallet


2) Now in order to create and sell NFT, you will need to have an NFT Market Place. For that Go to rarible and create a free account.

Popular Rarible NFT Marketplace

3) After creating your account, connect your coinbase wallet with this account.

4) That's it! Now you will find a Create Button on the Top Right side. Just click on it and you will be able to create and sell your own NFTs.

Comment if you have any issues or doubts about the above steps.

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