Killer Final Year Projects Ideas with Technologies to use for Software Engineering Students - Part 1

21 Sept, 2021
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List of 3 best project ideas to do in your final year project. And also what technologies you should use to develop them.

1) Music Streaming Platform

best final year projects

Develop Spotify, ganna, amazon prime music kind of music streaming app.

Creating your own version will help you learn, how to build a good front-end, how to fetch data from API, how to handle dynamic routes, how to handle authentication and streaming etc.

Tech to use
  • React or Angular
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Nodejs or Django for Backend APIs
  • MongoDB
Features to develop
  • Responsive
  • Light mode / Dark mode
  • Beautiful UI
  • Authentication
  • Use profile
  • Showing lyrics of a song


2) OTT Streaming Web App

Develop Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar kind of video streaming app. 

Creating this type of app will help you learn, how to create a good attractive and complex front-end, create reusable components, how to fetch data from API, how to create dynamic pages, handle huge data in the backend, etc.

best final year projects

Technologies to use
  • React.js, Vue JS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Nodejs, Django, ASP.NET
  • PostgreSQL, MYSQL
  • Responsive Front-end
  • Smooth Video Streaming
  • Light mode / Dark mode
  • Beautiful UI
  • Show movie ratings
  • Show movie casts/trailer
  • Show movies based on genre


3) Task management Web App

If you want to go for some more time taking the complex project, you can go for this. It's a task management web app that has todos, calendar, and docs kind of features.

Creating this app will help you learn about reusability, complex front-end, huge states, markdown, local storage, and authentication.

final year software project ideas

Technologies to use
  • React.js or Next.js/ Flutter
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Node.js, Java
  • MongoDB or SQL Server Database
  • Responsive
  • Adding Todos
  • Adding Calendar
  • Adding Notification
  • Creating Wikis ( using markdown )


Hope you liked this. If you have some questions,  please comment.

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