10 Coolest Websites that every web developer must know about

18 Sept, 2021
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Web development is a very hectic job. But if you are a web developer, there are some amazing tools available to make your job easier. Here is a list of 10 websites that every web developer must know about. Read more here.

Handy developer tools with a delightful interface. Provide 20+ tools that help developers with commonly performed tasks like Encoding/Decoding, Minifying, Test Dummy data set, and a lot more.

Coolest Websites development tools

FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of the ordinary text.

Understand and visualize the difference between different font sizes, REM vs. EM Values. Check the preview in real-time to see how it looks

The most powerful photo engine in the world. The Unsplash API is a modern JSON API that surfaces all of the info you’ll need to build any experience for your users

Add 3rd party apps embed or create a custom embed for your Notion Document.

Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.

Coolest Websites development tools

Generate better content copies in seconds with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Expanding your content for writing blogs is easier than ever before. Get AI-Generated tweet ideas in seconds.

Capture and share Twitter posts as beautiful images. You could use this as social proof on your website.

Get a weekly report of the companies visiting your website.

Create stunning product mockups easily and online. The fastest web-based mockup tool. No experience or skills needed, super easy-to-use

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