LinkedIn announces a $25M fund for its creators

14 Sept, 2021
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In order to attract more artists to the platform, the business said today that it would create a new $25 million creator fund, which will first be focused on a new Creator Accelerator Program. LinkedIn is also working on another of its new content initiatives, a Clubhouse-style live chat platform.

  • LinkedIn began working on this in March of this year, as we previously reported.
  • LinkedIn has 774 million users, but the type of content that lives on there is so different, and perhaps drier — it's focused on professional development, work, and "serious" topics — that it may require the most financial incentive of all to get creators to bite.
  • Now, we're hearing that the feature will debut as part of the company's wider events plan very shortly.
  • "We'll start testing audio with small pilot group in the coming weeks," says Chris Szeto, LinkedIn's senior director of product, who oversees the company's audio initiatives.
  • It will also provide them with opportunities to network with like-minded individuals (naturally... it is LinkedIn), as well as $15,000 grant to help them with their work.
  • The application deadline (which you can do here) is October 12.
  • The concept of creating fund to incentivize creators to create a video for specific platform is not new — which is why LinkedIn was overdue to consider its own approach.
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as YouTube, have all announced hundreds of millions of dollars in payouts in the form of creator funds in order to bring more original content to their platforms. 
  • You could argue that paying creators is important for mass-market social media sites because competition for consumer attention is fierce among them. 
  • However, because of the potential audience size, those platforms have an appeal for creators.
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