Top 8 Difference Between DFD and ERD to know in 2021

5 Sept, 2021
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The List of 8 most important SQL Difference Between DFD and ERD are as follows:


  • DFD shows the graphical representation of the flow of data or information.
  • ERD speaks to the substance model and will show what a Database will look like yet not disclose how to execute it. Kind of like a Blueprint.


  • DFD shows what "things" or systems change inputted information into some yield, just as WHERE information is put away.
  • ERDs model WHAT sort of information and what connections do various bits of information have with one another. It would characterize the structure of our information base tables.


  • DFDs' fundamental goal is to speak to the cycles and information stream between them.
  • ERDs fundamental goal is to speak to the information item or element and the connection between them.


  • DFD clarifies the stream and cycle of information input, information yield, and putting away information.
  • ERD clarifies and speaks to the connection between substances put away in an information base.


  • DFD model is a staggering portrayal that initiates with conceptual data and incorporates various disintegrated levels.
  • ERD model speaks to the framework information and incorporates an intricate portrayal of the connection between the information.


  • DFD isn't sufficient to totally depict a framework; it can't likewise determine calculations in a cycle.
  • ERD doesn't show the association between the model or information and how it changes in a framework.


  • DFD is generally prepared exclusively dependent on specific viewpoints, where every one of them could be connected intuitively.
  • ERD regularly speaks to a gathering of comparative things; it shows how the information units are assembled into substances intelligently.


  • The standard followed by DFD is that in any event one information stream should be there going into and leaving the cycle or store.
  • The standard followed by ERD is that all substances should speak to the arrangement of comparable things.
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