5 Best Website Design Mantras to follow in 2021

30 Aug, 2021
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If you are creating a website, the most important thing you have to make sure about it especially if it will be used by normal people is that it should be good-looking and attractive, and simple to use.

So, today I will share quickly 5 mantras you should always remember and follow while creating the UI of your website, especially if it will be used by common people.

1. Simple Clean Layout

Don't try to mess up with too many animations and layouts. Don't overcrowd. Give your UI space to breathe, i.e. always create a layout that makes the user feels free while using your website, instead of facing problems to find what they are looking for due to overcrowding of everything.

Try to create a space where users feel at home as if you were treating your guests at home.

2. Warm and Soft Colours

Color plays an important role in the overall look of a website. They can make a web page both noisy and smooth. Soft colors can warmly welcome users, while light colors are suitable for design agencies. If it's something related to nature, then shades of green are best. As for the ocean, it is blue.

The color combination is also very important. An experienced designer knows how to play with all colors and create new vibrant combinations. If a website sells antique jewelry, it may look rustic, but if the product is creative, it can generate the big and lively hype that makes e-commerce so appealing.

3. High-Quality Images

Quality images give your website a rich look. They will help users understand the product better. If the website is in the e-commerce business, it can help promote the product. Please make sure the images are closely related to the real product. product A good quality image is a game-changer.

4. Dark Mode

We have to always be with the new Trends in Designs. The dark mode is a popular trend for 2021. Dark mode makes web pages more comfortable for the human eye. The dark mode also provides lower power consumption. Dark mode can really give a website a classy look compared to white mode.

5. Good Content

A simple description of a product or service offered by a website is invaluable. Always check the specifications for the user. This is another important factor when adding content that is easy to read and understand. Choose an appropriate font and font size. And don't use long paragraphs; instead, break the paragraphs and make the paragraphs shorter. The idea is to make the user understand what product or service you are offering.

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