How to Create an awesome Gaming Setup at Cheapest Price Possible under 5000

27 Aug, 2021
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First of all, I think at least, you have a Laptop or PC already.

So, now I will create a Best Gaming Setup with a Budget of just Rs. 5000/-.

1) Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

First of all, we need a really good and cool keyboard for gaming. For that, I will go for Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Click Here to Buy or Know more.

Best gaming keyboard and mouse

2) Mouse Pad

To get a Vibe of Cool setup, we will add a Coolest Mouse Pad. For that, I will go for Starters Mouse Pad. Click Here to Buy or Know more.

Best  mouse pad for gaming


3) Gaming Headphones Pad

We also need Cool and Great Headphones and also with a good mic if you streaming your games online. For that, I will go for Ant Esports H520W World of Warships Edition Wired Gaming Headset. Click Here to Buy or Know more.

best gaming headphones

4) Cooling Pad

If you are gaming on a laptop, there is always a problem with overheating the laptop. So we will need a cooling pad for cooling it down. For that, I will go for Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad. Click Here to Buy or Know more.

best gaming laptop cool pad

5) Last but not least we will try to buy some really cool decorative stuff to make our room look like a gamer's room. You can choose any stuff and even other stuff you like to decorate your gaming room.

1. Gadgets Wrap Wall Stickers Decor Bedroom Eat Sleep Game Repeat Joystick Vinyl Wall Decal - Buy Now

best wall decorative vinly

2. Genree Multi-Color 8 Watt LED Wall - Buy Now

gaming leds wall

3. Paper Plane Design Inspirational Wall Abstract Poster - Buy Now

inspirational poster for wall


4. USB Male Female cable for Better Cable Management. - Buy Now

Free USB to USB

That's it. All of these Item's total is around 5000/- Rs. only. This is how you can build a Best Gaming Setup under 5000/-.

Please comment if you have any questions. Thank you. Please share it with someone who might want to know about this. 

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