How to Reset Outlook Password if you don't remember your password

3 Aug, 2021
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Microsoft Outlook, like other great connectivity software, provides how-to recover forgotten passwords. this is often the essential process of recovering forgotten Outlook passwords, often mentioned as a manual recovery process.

  • Go to the Recover Your Password page.
  • From the list of reasons, select the acceptable reason Click Next.
  • Enter your recovery email within the box provided. Email address (email address used during registration).
  • Fill within the checkmark (number / or letter).
  • Click Next
  • You will then receive a verification code via the e-mail address or telephone number provided.
  • Enter the verification code within the appropriate box Enter a note.
  • Reset Create a replacement password.
  • This is a standard method that one can use to recover Outlook email passwords easily.

However, if you're unable to recover your Microsoft account recovery email or registered phone number computer Technology Articles, you'll get to reset or use a third-party software solution to reset your password.

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