By the End of 2021, Disney Plus Hotstar is expected To reach 46 Million Subscribers

2 Aug, 2021
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Disney Plus Hotstar is one of the streaming market leaders right now, and it will continue its popularity over India with 46 million subscribers by the end of this year 2021, according to an analysis by leading research firm Media Partners Asia.

The OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar has around 34 million subscribers in India at the moment. It contributes almost a 3rd of global  Disney Plus subscribers which is103.6 million.

Also, Disney Plus Hotstar’s recently increased its price by around 25% more on its base plan, given the worth of its upcoming premium sport and good original content.

Also, according to a report it is estimated that India will soon have around 1 billion Devices with Screen by 2024 with 85% of them having a broadband connection.

Currently, India has 57 million streaming subscribers, which is expected to reach around 89 million by the end of 2021.

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