Cool Features of Github Copilot

14 July, 2021
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If you are a Developer, you should definitely try Github Copilot. This is by far the most helpful tool I have ever seen for Coding. Let's see what are those Cool Features that I am talking about.

Below are the 3 main reasons why I would say Github Copilot is the Coolest Development Tool Till now.

1) How it works is that you write a comment specifying some requirements, and Github Copilot Convert comments to code. Just write a comment describing the logic you want, and just let GitHub Copilot write the code for you.

Cool Features of Github Copilot


2) It also Helps autofill the repetitive code. GitHub Copilot works great for quickly writing boilerplate code and repetitive cod. Just write few examples and let it generate the rest!

Cool Features of Github Copilot


3) GitHub Copilot can also help you with Testing. It helps you write testing code. What you have to do is just Import a unit test package, and then just let GitHub Copilot suggest tests that match your code.

Cool Features of Github Copilot

You can visit their official site for more information:

Comment below the favorite feature of Github Copilot. 

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