Popular Data Structure Operations Complexity Cheat Sheet

5 July, 2021
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If you are someone who is Computer Science Student or Programmer, this list will be Handy to you. So don't forget to save it.

Data Structure Access Insertion Deletion
Array 1 n n
Stack n 1 1
Queue n 1 1
Linked List n 1 1
Hash Table - n n
Binary Search Tree n n n
B-Tree log(n) log(n) log(n)
Red-Black Tree log(n) log(n) log(n)
AVL Tree log(n) log(n) log(n)
Bloom Filter - 1 -


Data Structure Search Exceptional Cases
Array n  
Stack n  
Queue n  
Linked List n  
Hash Table n In the case of the perfect hash, function costs would be O(1)
Binary Search Tree n In the case of balanced tree, the costs would be of O(log(n))
B-Tree log(n)  
Red-Black Tree log(n)  
AVL Tree log(n)  
Bloom Filter 1 False positives are possible while searching
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