Interview Questions of HHAeXchange Software Engineer Intern or Fresher Role

4 July, 2021
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If you have applied for the Software Engineer Intern or Fresher Role at HHAeXchange, here is the detailed path of each round and the type of questions that I was asked in my interview when I applied for the Software Engineer Intern Role at HHAeXchange. Hope it helps.

Round 1: Online Assessment

In this round, two Online assessments will be taken. You will get the test link via email.

  • Verbal Ability Assessment
  • Dot Net Interns Assessment [Technical]

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

After Round 1, if you pass the online Assessment, you will get an email invitation for a video interview. In this interview, I was asked technical questions related to,

  • .NET
    • What is .NET?
    • Some CLR related questions
    • What is ASP.NET?
    • Explain Entity Framework. 
    • What are Code first and DB First in Entity Framework?
    • What is linq?
    • What are an EXE and a DLL?
  • C# and OOPS Concepts related to it
    • What are Interface and abstract classes?
    • What Is Object-Oriented Programming?
    • Something related to accessibility modifiers.
    • Method overriding and method overloading
    • OOPS's basic concepts like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, etc.
  • SQL
    • ACID Properties
    • Basic concepts of SQL like Joins
    • Linq vs SQL
    • Difference between SQL and MongoDB
    • Was given a question to prepare an SQL query
  • Angular
    • Basic questions like What is Angular
    • What are components?
    • What is data binding?

Questions are mostly basic. You can search interview questions for the above topics and just open the first or second link and start preparing from it.

But make sure you cover all basic core concepts. Don't just prepare the above questions and topics only. Those were asked in my interview. There can be a possibility that you may be asked questions about some other topics too. So Prepare everything and as much as you can.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

After Round 2, if you were able to pass it, you will get an email invitation for another video interview. In this round, I was asked more about,

My college projects. They asked me to choose anyone for my college project which I thought is good and complex and explain to them. They will ask some questions related to your project.

Some General interview questions were also asked like Tell me about yourself, Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, etc. 

If you want to prepare for more of these general questions, you can get a list of the most common general interview questions here and prepare accordingly. 

Link:- List of the most common general interview questions

Round 4: HR Round

HR round may or may not take place. It wasn't in my case. Round 3 was my last round.

This is almost everything I faced during my interview for the intern role at HHAeXchange.

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