GTA V Cheat Codes

GTA V Cheat Codes

25 October, 2020

All GTA V Cheat Codes

Increase wanted level: FUGITIVEDecrease wanted level: LAWYERUPInvincibility: PAINKILLERMax health and armor: TURTLERun faster: CATCHMESwim faster: GOTGILLSMoon gravity: FLOATERSlippery tires: SNOWDAYGet all weapons: TOOLUPGet a parachute: SKYDIVERecharge special abilities: POWERUPSlow motion aiming: DEADEYESuper jump: HOPTOITExplosive melee punches: HOTHANDSExplosive ammo rounds: HIGHEXFlaming ammo rounds: INCENDIARYDrunk mode: LIQUORSpawn in the air: SKYFALLSlow motion everything: SLOWMOCycle weather states: MAKEITRAIN

Vehicle codes

BMX bike: BANDITCrop duster aircraft: FLYSPRAYRapid GT luxury roadster coupe: RAPIDGTBuzzard helicopter: BUZZOFFComet sports car: COMETSanchez dirt bike: OFFROADCaddy golf cart: HOLEIN1Mallard stunt plane: BARNSTORMTrashmaster garbage truck: TRASHEDStretch limo: VINEWOODPCJ-600 motorcycle: ROCKETDodo seaplane (unlock in story first): EXTINCTKraken submarine (unlock in story first): BUBBLESDuke O'Death (unlock in story first): DEATHCAR

Enjoy GTA V!