GTA V Cheat Codes

25 Oct, 2020
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All GTA V Cheat Codes

Increase wanted level: FUGITIVE
Decrease wanted level: LAWYERUP
Invincibility: PAINKILLER
Max health and armor: TURTLE
Run faster: CATCHME
Swim faster: GOTGILLS
Moon gravity: FLOATER
Slippery tires: SNOWDAY
Get all weapons: TOOLUP
Get a parachute: SKYDIVE
Recharge special abilities: POWERUP
Slow motion aiming: DEADEYE
Super jump: HOPTOIT
Explosive melee punches: HOTHANDS
Explosive ammo rounds: HIGHEX
Flaming ammo rounds: INCENDIARY
Drunk mode: LIQUOR
Spawn in the air: SKYFALL
Slow motion everything: SLOWMO
Cycle weather states: MAKEITRAIN

Vehicle codes

Crop duster aircraft: FLYSPRAY
Rapid GT luxury roadster coupe: RAPIDGT
Buzzard helicopter: BUZZOFF
Comet sports car: COMET
Sanchez dirt bike: OFFROAD
Caddy golf cart: HOLEIN1
Mallard stunt plane: BARNSTORM
Trashmaster garbage truck: TRASHED
Stretch limo: VINEWOOD
PCJ-600 motorcycle: ROCKET
Dodo seaplane (unlock in story first): EXTINCT
Kraken submarine (unlock in story first): BUBBLES
Duke O'Death (unlock in story first): DEATHCAR


Enjoy GTA V!

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