CS and Coding Interview Questions of Hotstar Software Developer Role [Fresher]

CS and Coding Interview Questions of Hotstar Software Developer Role [Fresher]

27 May, 2021

If you have applied for the Software Developer Role at Hotstar, most probably Entry Level, and have finished the first round of the Online Coding Test, after that, you will get an email for a Video Call Interview, if your Coding test was good enough.

Round 1: Online Coding Test

I had to solve 2 coding questions in 1 hour. The difficulty was from around medium to hard level.

Round 2: Coding ( Video Interview )

After around 10 days, I got a call from HR and interview meeting details were send to me via. email. It was around 1 hour long. Here is the list of questions asked,

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Discussed my projects. Was asked to pick anyone project which I think was complex and asked few questions about it, like why you used these particular technologies for your project.
  • Few questions were about Database related like when to use NoSQL instead of SQL. Explain giving a real scenario.
  • Few questions were from Object-Oriented Programmings (OOPS) like inheritance and abstraction, and why OOPS is useful.
  • What is OSI Model and name Different layers? What is HTTP or HTTPS and what's the difference. what encryption is used in HTTPS?

This flow of questions and answers went for around 30 minutes. After that, the interviewer gave me a coding question to solve, via a test link.

I will share that question Link: Bottom View of Binary Tree from Left to Right

I was given around 30 minutes to complete it. I had to understand and explain my approach and logic.

Overall it was a really good experience. The interviewer also was really good person and the interview went smoothly.