Best Single Filler Episodes of Naruto worth watching

22 May, 2021
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If you watch Naruto, then you probably know what are fillers and also you might have skipped them. But if you really like Naruto, then here is the list of Best Single Filler Episodes which you should watch.

Episode: 186 - Laughing Shino

On a mission to Motoyoshi Village, Naruto and Shino have to help a man called Fūta Kagetsu to inherit his father's wealth before his greedy sister Tsukiko does something evil. The mission is to stand in at their father's funeral, and not laugh. I the man laughs then, he will not get wealth. 

laughing shino

Episode: 193 - Dojo Challenger

After returning from a mission, Naruto discovers that Lee has set up a Dojo challenge and is desperate for a challenger to challenge him.

 Rock Lee's Dojo challenger

Episode: 175 - Treasure hunt is on

In this Episode, Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba are on a mission to find a treasure. There is one condition that if they fail then will be demoted to the Academy.


Episode: 177 - Please Mr. Postman

Very Interesting Episode about Ninja Postmans with Naruto and Jiraya.

Naruto: please mr postman

Hope you like these Fillers. If you want more Fillers list from Naruto Shipudden, please comment and Dotscribe to get updates as soon as we post.

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