Records Smashed by BTS's New Song "Butter"

21 May, 2021
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BTS’s ‘Butter’ Music Video is going To Make History on youtube.

Here are the Records Smashed by BTS's New Song "Butter" till now and counting.

BTS 'Butter' records

"Butter" Music Video has already broken a record of the fastest YouTube video ever to hit 10 million views. It gained 10 million views in just 13 minutes.

They also broke their own record of most concurrent viewers on the premiere.  Previously "Dynamite" held the record with 3 million concurrent viewers on release. This time of Premiere, there were around 3.89 million concurrent viewers. This also makes it the biggest music video premiere ever.

The song was released just eight hours ago (from the time of posting this article), and it has already surpassed more than 50 Million Views and More than 5 Million Likes. It hasn’t even been out for half a day

BTS video butter records broken

At this rate, it is pretty sure they are gonna break their own record of most views in 24 hours, which is around 101 Million plus views, by their song "Dynamite".

With the speed at which views are climbing, it is expected that this song might surpass 120 Million views in the first 24 hours.

[Update] - BTS has officially broken their own record of most views in the first 24 hours on Youtube.  "Butter" has reached 111 Million Views in 23 hours and surpassing their song "Dynamite" 's past record.

YouTube's official numbers,  are yet to be released in a few days, but it's looking really awesome.

More records will be broken in the coming time. Till then Like, Share and Dotsrcibe us and enjoy the Song.

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