List of Best Open Courses to Learn Competitive Programming

16 May, 2021
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If you are a beginner in Competitive Programming and want to learn and master competitive programming, here is the list of Best Open Courses you can start with.

Open COURSES FOR Competitive Programming

Course Name


Code Monk, by HackerEarth A fantastic step-by-step tutorial on the essential topics in competitive programming.
Stanford CS 97SI: Introduction to Competitive Programming Contests Offers comprehensive lecture slides and a shortlist of exercise problems.
How to Win Coding Competitions: Secrets of Champions A course by ITMO University on competitive coding on edX.
Codechef's Indian Programming Camp Video Lectures from Codechef's Indian Programming Camp 2016. Lectures are given by top competitive programmers like Sergey Kulik, Kevin Charles Atienza, and Anudeep Nekkanti. Primarily focused on exploring these concepts by applying them to actual competitive contest problems.
Reykjavik T-414-ÁFLV: A Competitive Programming Course An awesome course taught by Bjarki Ágúst Guðmundsson (SuprDewd). These lectures feature neat slides and a nice list of problems to practice.
NCTU DCP4631: Problem Solving and Programming Techniques A course on basic topics featuring good lecture slides.
Materials (English) from Arabic Competitive Programming YouTube Channel Some materials (slides & source codes) covering a broad range of algorithmic topics by Mostafa Saad Ibrahim.
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