Intresting things you probably didn't know about Black Holes

12 May, 2021
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We normally have heard some facts like Black Holes are very Huge, even bigger than solar systems, and even light can't escape them. But there is even more interesting stuff about Black Holes. In this Mini Blog, I am going to share some amazing, mind-blowing facts about the black holes which you probably didn't know before.

Black holes can slow downtime.

Yes, you read it right. Black Holes can affect Time itself. The reason is that when you go closer to the event horizon i.e space around a black hole, you will be moving at such tremendous high speeds more than speed for light because of the Insanely strong gravitational force of the black hole. As we know the faster you move, the slower time passes for you, that's why time will slow down.

Black Holes can slow time - ayedot

Objects are not sucked in black holes.

Some have misconceptions that Black Holes suck in matter from all around them. But in reality, black holes have a very strong gravitational field due to which their attraction is more.

Black Holes dont suck

Black Holes can create New Universe

It's believable that every black hole that has been created in our Universe, has given birth to a new Universe within it.


  • The number of Black Holes in space are Countless
  • With around 100 billion galaxies, each with 100 million mass black holes, it's like counting the number of atoms on earth.
  • If you fell into a black hole, then according to theory, the massively strong gravity of the Black Hole would stretch you out like rubber.
  • The closest black hole to Earth is likely not 1,600 Light Years away.


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