Best Filler Short Stories Episodes of Naruto which you shouldn't skip

4 May, 2021
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If you watch Naruto, then you probably know what are fillers and also you might have skipped them. But if you really like Naruto, then here is the list of Best Filler Short stories Episodes which you should watch.

1) Guy Sensei vs. Rock Lee

Description: It is a short story of 2 episodes where there is a mind-blowing fight scene between Guy Sensei and Rock Lee.

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Episode 195: The Third Super Beast

Episode 196: Hot Blooded Confront on... Student Vs. Sensei 


2) Leaf Village Destroyer

Description: It is a short story of 5 episodes that show a mastermind of setting traps and planning is trying to destroy the Leaf Village.

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Episode 197:- Crisis, The Hidden Leaf 11 Gather!

Episode 198: The Anbu Gives Up, Naruto's Recollection

Episode 199: The Missed Target

Episode 200: The Powerful Helper

Episode 201: Multiple Traps! Countdown To Destruction


3) Land of Green Battle

Description: It is a short story of 5 episodes which shows the mystery

Best filler short stories Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service

Episode 187: Open for the Business, the Leaf's Moving Service

Episode 188: The Mystery of Targeted Merchants 

Episode 189: Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools

Episode 190: The Bayakugan sess the Blind Spot

Episode 191:  Forecast Death! With a chance of Sun


Hope you like it. Will create another Miniblog on Best Filler Single Episodes. So stay Dotscribed and share and comment on your favorite Filler.

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