Best GitHub Repositories for Computer Science People

18 April, 2021
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If you like computer science, programming, development, or anything related to the computer field, if you are trying to learn this stuff or want to prepare for technical interviews whatever related to Computer Science Field, here are the best repositories you can use to get more and more knowledge, practice and guidance for all those stuff.

  • The items listed in this repository will prepare you well for a technical interview at just about any software company, including the giants: Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.
  • This is my multi-month study plan for going from a web developer (self-taught, no CS degree) to software engineer for a large company.
  • It contains a set of charts demonstrating the paths that you can take and the technologies that you would want to adopt to become a frontend, backend, or DevOps.
  • These charts for an old professor of mine who wanted something to share with his college students to give them a perspective; sharing them here to help the community.
  • This Repositories contains lots of projects with implementation details that you can create related to Machine Learning, Neural Network, Operating System, Search Engine, Augmented Reality, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency, Bot, Game, Programming Language and much more.
  • Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs
  • The OSSU curriculum is a complete education in computer science using online materials. It's not merely for career training or professional development. It's for those who want a proper, well-rounded grounding in concepts fundamental to all computing disciplines, and for those who have the discipline, will, and (most importantly!) good habits to obtain this education largely on their own, but with support from a worldwide community of fellow learners.
  • It contains courses that are among the very best in the world, often coming from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc., but specifically chosen to meet the following criteria.
  • This Repository contains a list of all the animated explanations of most of the LeetCode Programming Questions.
  • This repository has practical content that covers all phases of a technical interview, from applying for a job to passing the interviews to offer negotiation. Technically competent candidates might still find the non-technical content helpful as well.

If I find any other interesting and helpful repositories, I will update the list or if you know any good repository, please comment I will add it to the list.

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