How to choose between React Native and Flutter

31 March, 2021
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We all know when it comes to Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, React Native is really Popular. But Since Flutter came into the market, there have been many problems deciding which to use.

Well, each one has its own pros and cons and use cases. So it's up to you to decide which will be good for the type of App you are going to develop. So to help decide here is some quick and to-the-point difference between Fluter and React-Native that will help you to determine which is best for your app. But before that let's have a quick introduction of both.

  Flutter React Native
Intro A portable UI toolkit for creating cross-platform apps for all platforms - mobile, web, and desktop with just one codebase.  It's a framework to build cross-platform apps with React
Release Date December 2018 March 2015
Created and maintained by Google Facebook
Open-source Yes Yes
Programming language used Dart JavaScript
Stars on Github 82,500 84,000
Popular Apps build with it Xianyu Alibaba, Hamilton, Google Ads app Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Tesla

So, now that we know some general stuff about both of them, let's go through some questions and their answers, that will help you decide what to use for your app.

1) If you want your App to be Cross-Platform (Android & IOS)?

Ans: Both Flutter or React Native can be used.

2) If you want your App to work on Mobile (iOS, Android), Web, and desktop with a single Codebase?

Ans: Use Flutter.

3) If you or your team already know JavaScript.

Ans: React Native. The reason is that React Native uses Javascript, while for Flutter you need to learn a new language called "Dart"

4) Who has Strong, Stable, and Large Community support?

Ans: React Native

5) If you want your app to look the same across different platforms.

Ans: Flutter

6) Easily customize the design you want across multiple platforms?

Ans: Flutter

7) Large ecosystem of different tools and libraries to make development fast and easier?

Ans: React Native.

8) If you want to give your app a native look and feel, depending on the platform used to run the app — iOS or Android, i.e it will look based on the platform it's being used on?

Ans: React Native.

9) If you want your app to look the same on both iOS and Android?

Ans: Flutter

These were some points I have found that really matters while deciding which one to use. The rest of the stuff is almost similar for both. So after reading those questions and answers try to decide what you want for your app. Hope it Helps.

If you want to know about any other frameworks or have any questions, plz ask in the comments. I will try to answer it. See you in the next Dot.


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