7 Things You Need To Know About 5G Internet

7 Things You Need To Know About 5G Internet

16 March, 2021

We all know 5G Internet Service will soon be available. So if you don't know much about 5G in detail, stick with me for 60 seconds. Here are some unknown and mindblowing facts about 5G Internet.

1) 5G networks will have more than 1.7 billion users globally by 2025, according to the GSM Association.

2) Max Speed of 5G Internet will eventually range from ~50 Mbit/s to over a gigabit/s.

3) The fastest 5G is known as mmWave, which had a top speed of 1.8 Gbit/son AT&T's 5G network.

4) On March 6, 2020, the first-ever all-5G smartphoneSamsung Galaxy S20was released.

5) In April 2008, NASA partnered with Geoff Brown andMachine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corp to develop a fifth-generation communications technology approach, though largely concerned with working with nanosats.

6) On April 3, 2019,South Korea became the first country to adopt 5G.

7) 4G phonesstillworkon a5G network, they just won't get that 5G speed.