Misconceptions and Dark Side of Competitive Programming

Misconceptions and Dark Side of Competitive Programming

8 March, 2021

Nowadays, almost every Computer/IT Student wants to get a Job in Big Tech Giants Like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and many more. Almost every company's entrance test is Competitive Programming Round. So almost every student tries to do Competitive Programming and starts focusing on it without giving it a thought.

But there are many misconceptions and dark sides to this whole Topic. So today I have brought all those points here so that you can be aware of some real stuff that you probably don't know.

1) Many people compare their 2 months of Competitive Programming to Someone's 2 years of competitive programming and feel a lot of frustration and sadness.

Misconceptions and Dark Side of Competitive Programming

2) Many Students get so much involved in this that they only care about ratings and stars on different competitive programming platforms and that leads to copying others' code. Which is not going to help them in any way.

3) Software development doesn't mean only competitive programming. Some Student Focuses so much on competitive programming that they forget about the development side. As a result in the later rounds of the interview when there is a development task, they are not able to pass it.

4) Some Students get into Competitive Programming just because everyone is doing it, even though they are more into UX/UI, Database side, Front-end, etc. As a result, they are not able to perform well as their interest lies somewhere else.

5) If you are Competitive Coding only for getting a job, that's not a bad thing. Because when you are inside a company, no one's gonna give you a question and ask you to code it like competitive coding. There it's real software development, and you have to focus more and more on development.

Misconceptions and Dark Side of Competitive Programming

6) Many times People start memorizing solutions and codes, instead of trying to understand them, and the essence of competitive programming is lost.

7) Competitive Programming != Real World Programming && DSA != Competitive Programming

8) It doesn’t cover all skills and knowledge needed for interviews. So you need to have knowledge on the development side too.

The Thing which is wanted to convey is that,

"Don't discourage yourself if you are not good at competitive coding to succeed in Computer/IT Industry. Learn what you like and master it till you're unbeatable in your field."

This is just an observation from many people that I have combined in one Dot. No intention of hurting the hardworking Competitive Programmers. Also, Comment your views on This Topic. And if you liked it please give a Like and Dotscribe.

See you in the next Dot.